MASP Industries: Weapons Done Differently


Mission Statement: MASP Industries strives to create a company that provides the fundamental element of survival; protection. MASP will provide this service with the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and integrity all while ensuring the best experience to its members. MASP is dedicated to delivering the highest quality protection options into the hands of the society’s protectors.

MASP Industries will provide protection through exceptional products, services, and philanthropy.

Our Ultimate Goal Is To


Put means of protection in the hands of those who depend on a reliable source of armament.


Provide resources, classes, and support to our customers and the community to ensure a well armed and well educated protector


Provide industry leading guaranties behind all of our products to ensure that through the life of your MASP product, you can depend on it and on us

MASP Industries is a for profit organization that focuses on helping individuals have the ability to protect themselves, their families and community by providing the best in class products, services, and giving.

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