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                                        MASP Industries

                                                                                                 3200 N 20th Street
                                                                                                      Lincoln, NE
                                                                                                    (402) 937-9290
                                                                                              [email protected]

Welcome to MASP Industries. We are a custom firearms manufacturer born and built in Lincoln, Nebraska. We currently specialize in custom AR platform builds. 
MASP Industries holds both an FFL 07 and SOT 2. This allows us to manufacture and sell all firearms including NFA items. MASP Industries also provides full retail sales of all popular brands of firearms and NFA items. We continually provide our customers with the highest quality service at fair prices. Purchase today through our online shop or if you are in Lincoln, Nebraska, feel free to stop into our showroom. We will make sure you are not disappointed! 

Come see the MASP Difference!

-Who we are-

Tigh Mumgaard- President MASP Industries

Tigh has spent the large majority of his life behind machines. Starting at age 14 and for the past 27 years he has been working in the manufacturing industries and mastering the skills involved with design, production, and manufacturing. From his early years of learning the craft in a machine shop located in Historic Havelock Nebraska, to perfecting his craft working in the aviation industry, Tigh has the expertise to back his products.  4 years ago Tigh began MASP Industries, then just a dream, but now a fully operational company, with one goal in mind. Provide protection to the people most important people around him. His community. From then to now Tigh has taken his dream and transformed it into what MASP is today, Lincoln's premier custom gun manufacturer. 

Jeff Trumble- Fabricator and Gun Aficionado 

Jeff comes to us from the aviation industry as well. Tigh and Jeff have worked together for the past 4 years. They have come together through MASP Industries to put their skills into giving protection back to the community. Jeff has been an integral part of MASP success in ensuring that the building construction and design is being accomplished. Jeff is a jack of all trades in the shop. Wether he's blasting, painting, building, hanging duct work, fixing the furnace, or talking you ear off about guns, you're sure to get a laugh from him. When Jeff isn't in the shop he is wrenching on aircraft or jamming to old school R&B.

Lane DillonLead Machinist

Lane has been with MASP industries from the beginning of our journey at our newest Lincoln location. Lane progressed through the machining program at SouthEast College and obtained his degree in machining, and jumped full swing into integration at MASP Industries. He has been critical in the growth, prototyping, and development of some of MASP key ground work. When Lane isn't crawling around in the machines and getting his hands dirty in the shop, you can more than likely find him working on his own personal guns, or tapping his foot to some Johnny Cash.

Ike MaytumSocial Media and Sales

Ike is the most recent add to the MASP Industries team. He began his adult career working at the Air National Guard Base as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, and still is a service member with the Nebraska Air National Guard. Ike has a background in speech, debate and online design, which has transferred and been key to MASP Industries growth as a company in our new location. He controls the social media pages and often times you can find his name at the bottom of the newsletters! When Ike isn't writing facebook posts, posting instagram picture, or just doing odd jobs around the shop, you can more than likely find him at Zipline enjoying a beer, tapping his foot to some sort of broadway tune, or at church serving as worship team member.