LHGK Carbine Training

LHGK Carbine Training

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Defensive Carbine (50% off Charging Handle) [+$150.00]
Dynamic Defensive Carbine (50% off Charging Handle) [+$150.00]
Both Classes (FREE Charging Handle) [+$275.00]
Sign up for one class get 50% off a MASP Industries Militia or Throttle Charging Handle
Sign up for both classes get a FREE MASP Industries Militia or Throttle Charging Handle

NOTE: With the goal of having more regular training options that are local and easy to attend MASP Industries is promoting this training, but we are not conducting or hosting it.

Training is provided by LHGK and being hosted by Robert Wittwer.  For any questions on this train please contact
Robert Wittwer
(402) 840-5586

Sunday July 8th 8am to 5pm – Defensive Carbine
Sunday September 9th 8am to 5pm – Dynamic Defensive Carbine 

(Cost is $150 for one class $275 if signing up for both classes at the same time.) 
NOTE: There are only 15 spots available for each class. Full payment must be made to hold your spot(s). 

If you are NOT a member of the Lincoln IKEs, there will be an additional $10 in cash or check payable to Lincoln IKEs the day of the event.  

-LHGK's 8-hour Defensive Carbine Course is focused on the tactical aspects of Marksmanship and Manipulations with AR style carbines / rifles and variants (AR15 / M4 / M16). Topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to presentation and engagement, single and multiple shots, transitioning from Carbine to Pistol, reloads and malfunctions. Course includes lecture, demonstration, hands on and live fire range instruction focused on helping students build a safe, simple, and effective skill set. 
-LHGK's 8-hour Dynamic Defensive Carbine Course builds on the foundations learned in Defensive Carbine and adds shoulder transitions, movement, barricades, timed and task saturated events.  This course is "Dynamic" meaning that it includes movement and non-standard shooting "problems" that require the shooter to apply the basics at a more advanced level.  Those signing up for this course should have either attended Dynamic Carbine OR been cleared by the primary instructor based on previous training and life experience.  
LHGK is a firearms related business founded by Rob Schoening offering defensive based firearms and basic trauma management courses. Rob is a career Firefighter ‐ Paramedic / Tactical Medic in the Midwest, a longtime military medic with 21+ years of service, avid competitor and a lifelong student; complete biography can be found at WWW.LHGK.US.  
Required Equipment List:  
• Note taking materials 
• Eye / Ear Protection  
• AR15 variant Carbine / Rifle with Sling and a minimum of 2 magazines CARBINE MUST BE ZEROED PRIOR TO EVENT  
• Pistol with Holster and 2 magazines  
• 400 rounds of carbine ammunition and 100 rounds of pistol ammunition  

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